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Where’s Clive?

Today, as with the “Where’s Waldo” children’s books, we ask, “Where’s Clive?”  As in Cussler.  We found him quite close to home.  Cussler’s National Underwater & Marine Agency (NUMA), partnering with Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates, recently discovered the wreck of an 1830s-era sloop in Lake Michigan  between Saugatuck and South Haven.

Cussler’s multiplying his effect through other partnerships.  He writers the Dirk Pitt book with his son, Dirk (cq), the NUMA files books with Paul Kemprocos, the Oregon files books with Craig Dirgo and Jack DeBrul, The Isaac Bell series with Justin Scott and the Fargo adventures with Grant Blackwood.

Oil spill solution

BP hasn’t been able to fix the problem with the oil spill.  Our national economy and ecology are in dire peril.  What I want to know is why hasn’t President Obama asked for help from NUMA and Dirk Pitt?