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Archive for September, 2009

"R is for Ricochet." Feel like I’m already at ZZZZZZZ.

I idly picked up R is for Ricochet after a long hiatus (K? L?) since my last Sue Grafton novel.  Boy, was I disappointed.

I’m not at all sure what about it made it a Kinsey Milhone story, other than the fact that she’s in it.  The plot, about a privileged young woman and the money-launderer for whom she went to jail, is OK, but it bubbles along all by itself, with Kinsey just along for the ride and to get laid (sub-plot).  The second sub-plot, involving her octogenarian landlord, a lady friend and his brothers, goes boringly nowhere.

Not following the series leaves me a little in the dark about when “R” takes place.  The text suggests that it’s 1988 and maybe, while writing a book a year, Grafton has to slow the clock to avoid having Kinsey turn into Miss Marple. But denying Kinsey the use of Google or Orbitz to research airline schedules makes the story archaic without being old enough to be retro.